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You're probably wondering who we are and where went.  Well, it's a long story.  

The parent company of Hair Pop, Frisco International, went bankrupt.  Frisco was also the manufacturer of the Lord & Cliff brand of hair products.  Through the bankruptcy, Frisco, L&C, and Hair Pop were dissolved and their assets were ordered sold to pay creditors.  

Who bought all of this great stock?  Well, we did!  We're a family owned business specializing in buying bankruptcies in large lots and selling them by the piece.  It's a lot of work and it's risky but we enjoy it, especially when we get to make somebody a great deal on something they really want.

The hair has been more fun than most bankruptcies we have liquidated.  People buy the hair because they want to enhance their look, have a special occasion, or have thinning hair that they'd like to thicken.  We have encountered several people in despair over the fact that there's this Lord & Cliff hair products that was perfect for their needs but now it's not available and they don't know what to do...then they find us and are able to stock up on what they need!  It's a real joy to hear the happiness this brings.

What do you have?
What don't we have?  We have the stock from the Hair Pop retail stores (we passed on the retail displays) and the Lord & Cliff warehouse stock.  We are still counting things but we have well over 10,000 items, mostly human hair extensions.   It's a lot of work to shoot pictures and inventory everything.  We're continually adding to the online store so if there's a product that you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact us.  

You've seen the big GOING OUT OF BUSINESS sales with the guy standing in front of the building spinning a sign and huge banners across the front of the building.  You go inside because the signs say 50% OFF in bold letters but you learn that they doubled the price before giving you half off so it's really not a good deal at all.  

That's not the case here.  We have listed the retail price of every item and then set the store to discount it to 50% off. We're not in business to keep the things we buy and we don't want to store it long term so our starting price is half off.  If you find that clip-in extension on our store that you've been buying for years and can't get any longer and you want 10 of them so you'll have a long-term supply, contact us and we can help you on the price because we are selling these things.  

Stock - It's Going FAST

We do have a lot of stock.  If you see the item you want in the color you want and our stock shows to have 3 of them, that's ALL there will ever be.  Lord & Cliff, the manufacturer of these great hair products, is gone and we have their stock. Once we sell out of something on the store, it's gone so grab it!

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